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leg got sprained

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06-21-2018, 11:49 AM
member72799 Offline

leg got sprained

Hi, my boyfriend is working in an IT company. As he has a lot of stress to relive from that he used to play football every day. Last day he told that his leg got sprained and he is not able to walk. I took him to the nearby clinic at that moment itself. The doctor over there provided him an injection along with Advil so that there won't be any inflammation. But the very next day there was swelling and the pain increased. I applied some compression and kept some ice for the day. I called my friend who is studying medicine. She told me that to me a sports injury chiropractor from a clinic in Toronto. Will this chiropractic treatment can retrieve him from this pain and swelling? How many days are required for the recovery? Is there a need for any medication along with this treatment? Please let me know your thought regarding this treatment!

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