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Severe neck pain

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05-28-2018, 06:03 AM
member36141 Offline

Severe neck pain

Hi, I am a sportsperson. From last day I am suffering from severe neck pain. As I told this to my couch, he told me that this may due to the vigorous exercise. He taught me some new exercises that can easily reduce my neck pain. I tried doing those exercises but there was no use. I told him the same. He said to meet an orthopedic doctor. As per his advice, I went to our family doctor. After primary examinations, he asked me to undergo X-ray of my neck. As per her words, I carried out the Xray and found that there were no such issues with my neck. As the result came my doctor gave me some painkillers and adviced me to undergo neck pain relief treatment from a clinic in Burlington. Is this treatment covered by insurance? How long will be this treatment? It will be nice if I get the duration of the treatment? Have anyone undergone this treatment? Could you please share your experience?

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