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How can I make my mom wear her HA?

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05-10-2018, 05:05 AM
member64818 Offline

How can I make my mom wear her HA?

Hi,My mother has got hearing disability and she just started using hearing aids. I guess I don't understand the level of discomfort she goes through, so I keep compelling her to wear them. I don't know why she hates wearing it. I don't know if it is uncomfortable or embarrassing for her. She is not opening up about it. I wish I could help her out in some way. My aunt got her hearing aid devices from Ottawa. She always seems to wear them and is doing absolutely fine. She got adapted to it pretty soon. Are people usually like this in the beginning? Is there anything I can do to make her feel better? She has become all cranky now and seems to avoid all social settings. I have heard that hearing loss can make you do so. If that's the case, I want to make sure that my mom does not turn out like that. Kindly share your thoughts and knowledge.

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