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02-21-2018, 06:10 PM
member52999 Offline

Back Pain

<span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Verdana; color: rgb(33, 33, 33); background-color: transparent; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">I am working in an MNC. My work demands me to sit for long hours. Sitting for long hours in my chair gives me terrible back pain. I used to be busy almost 24 hrs meeting my targets. Sometimes I will forget to take tea breaks due to my busy schedules. Sitting continuously for even 2 hours gets me terrible back pain. Last week I took two days leave due to my severe back pain. I'm fed up with this. I need a solution. I'm planning to take a visit to the nearby clinic in Brampton. I have taken the appointment with the registered massage therapists for
style="text-decoration-line: none;]]the massage therapy. Is there any risk for massage therapy? Which is the best type of massage? Share your ideas, please.


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