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OCD - need help

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12-07-2017, 10:33 AM
member31399 Offline

OCD - need help

Hi, I am Henry. Last week I came to know that I am suffering from OCD. I'm afraid of the ringing sound of the phone. I get panic when I hear the phone ringing. It was the first sign that indicated about my OCD. I used to run around the home at that time. It was during my school days so my parents didn't give much importance to it. But during my college days, I was afraid of the height.So I was afraid to visit my library. I never went to that place. It was the same case with movie theaters. I never go to teachers. Once I went to the theater and I was shivering like anything. I couldn't hold myself there. So I left the theater within 5mins. It was very shameful for me. So when I spoke with my friend, she suggested an OCD therapy from a clinic in Toronto. Will this therapy help me to get out this OCD? Are there any other remedies I can do to get out of this fear? Please help me out.

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