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Always Feel Depressed

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03-30-2017, 11:09 AM
member2494 Offline

Always Feel Depressed

My problem was the same one which other people were suffering from and due to depression I can't focus on my work and I don't take any interest in doing any work or anything else and I just want to live alone and due to some personal issues I became the suspect of depression and I was feeling too bad in this condition and can't recover it back from depression, then I started reading books which were related to how to live happy life, I regularly started reading it and by that fact I was just recovering for my depression and that time I really feel calm and it was just same as the world was changing for me and know I am working as a free lance and many students buy essay for college and I assist them regarding that thing and know I totally focus on my work and I am much better than before and thanks to that book.

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