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Cancer remission - can I undergo breast reconstruction surgery?

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11-29-2016, 06:20 AM
member19113 Offline

Cancer remission - can I undergo breast reconstruction surgery?

I have diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago and as part of the treatment, I removed my breasts. Because of my cancer, I have lost a massive amount of weight and I look very tired. Last month I went for the checkup and the doctor said my cancer is in complete remission. I have successfully fought against the cancer virus which makes me happy. Now I feel uncomfortable with my body as I don't have breasts and everyone stares at me make more anxious. So I thought of undergoing breast reconstruction surgery from a clinic in Vaughan. I haven't discussed this with my family. I just want to know if I could undergo the surgery after massive weight loss. Or should I wait for some more time and then undergo the procedure? Any thoughts are highly appreciated!!

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