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Moving to a Dry Climate Helped My RA

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12-02-2015, 04:30 AM
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Moving to a Dry Climate Helped My RA

‚ÄčI developed Rheumatoid Arthritis as a very young child, which was JRA. My Mom had it also. I remember being taken to the hospital when my wrists would swell up, be very red and in a lot of pain. X-rays were taken to see if I had a broken bone. Which I didn't. I was unable to use my wrists when I was in a flare. I also had problems with my ankles. They were weak and susceptible to injuries.

During a flare up I had chills and fevers, and felt like I had the flu. My body just didn't feel good.

As I grew into an adult the problems increased where I had issues with my knees, back, neck, and hands.

I wondered if I moved to a part of the country where the climate was dry and sunny would help. As a child the region I lived in, was cloudy most of the time, damp during the winter, and very humid during the summer months.

As an adult I lived in various parts of the midwest United States and the frequent weather changes affected me.

When I retired, I moved to the desert southwest. The climate here is dry and sunny. The summer months are unbearable due to the high humidity and ulta high temperatures, but in 17 years I have had only two flares and they did not last for months on end. We can stay in the same weather pattern for long periods of time. Does this help? I think so. It did for me.

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