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uncontrollable gas problem

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10-16-2012, 12:23 AM
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RE: uncontrollable gas problem

Thanks for the help everyone.

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12-23-2013, 03:27 PM
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RE: uncontrollable gas problem

Hey, IBS could be caused by a candida infection. I had embarrassing uncontrollable flatulence like you for a whole year and even going on the fodmaps diet didn't reduce it. The kind of flatulence was very frequent and even when eating foods that were fodmaps safe or typically healthier foods like veggies, fruit, wholegrain, meat, rice. Everything gave me flatulence, i felt it was ridiculous. It took me a year to discover it was candida in my intestines. Candida has a broad list of symptoms you should check out and you may have other forms of it like a vaginal yeast infection. I didn't notice but during the year that i had candida infection i was lethargic, more anxious, depressed, moody, unfocused and foggy-brained. I started a strict candida diet last week - eggs, meat, fish, low starch vegs, almonds, avocado, no fruit, sugar or wheat rye barley polenta oats buckwheat rice anything starchy and took antifungals coconut oil and pau d'arco tea at the same time. After 5 horrible days of die off symptoms yeast was visible in my stool and i felt relieved that my candida was real. Probiotics are also a must to fight the candida as well as rebalance the gut flora which is key to recovering from ibs. A good one i've found after tiring research is Jarrow Dophilus. I have IBS-C too and probiotics will definitely help with regularity preventing any breeding ground for the candida. The strict diet should be continued for a few weeks to a couple months and after that maintain a diet that allows only restricted amounts of sugar and lower carb grains like buckwheat quinoa brown rice and other lower sugar vegs/fruit/nuts. All sugar - fructose, dextrose, lactose and more- feed candida so be careful of anything and check labels . It's a hard process but I'm already feeling better after a week and i see light at the end of the tunnel.

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