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having a baby when you have RA

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10-23-2012, 11:50 PM
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RE: having a baby when you have RA

Hi Shakiraa80,

I am so sorry you are in a similar situation to mine. I wouldn't wish the dilemma even on an enemy.

For me, it was an awfully difficult decision but I finally decided not to have a child. I cried and lay awake many nights before and after making the decision. I always thought I would have at least one child. But my conscience just would not let me pass along the disease to my own child. My husband said that he was willing to care for a little one if that is what I wanted. My doctor said that the risks of passing along the RA were not high but I just could not do it. I have many awful days and if I knew that someone had made such a gamble with my own life it would be hard to accept. I would not want to risk making my own child feel this way.

I also shared your concerns about who would care for the child if, God forbid, my husband was no longer around.

I do not know enough about your specific condition to know the risks your child would have and I think a frank discussion with your doctor would be the best option just to get the basic information. In the end, it is such a personal decision and the last thing I would want you to think was that I was trying to convince you in any way. These are just my experiences.


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12-29-2012, 05:23 PM
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RE: having a baby when you have RA

You know my siblings and I joke that our parents were probably the last two people on the planet who should of reproduced. Why, because on both sides there weren't good genetic markers. Our father had RA and our mother had diabetes, just to name a few of the health conditions that are in the family genetics. However, are we serious about this do we regret them having us? Of course not, first of all they were great parents, and they gave us life.

Also, even if you do happen to pass RA on to a child, there are new advancements coming out all the time. I and my siblings know that if any of us should be diagnosed with RA (which we haven't yet) that it won't be a debilitating for us as it was for our father. Because there have already been major advancements made in treatments for the condition. Who knows what the future will hold.

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