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What BP medication works for you?
[[strong]][[EM]][]I have high blood pressure. I was on Lisinopril, but I started having an allergic reaction to it. So my doctor put me on Diltiazem. It has not been working. I just continue with my water pill.[[br]][[br]]What medications have really dropped your blood pressure? I like to have some choices to present to my doctor.​[][[/strong]]
That sounds scary! I take beta blockers (Nadolol) for my high blood pressure and have had good luck with it. I haven[[sq]]t experienced any side effects and I[[sq]]ve been taking it for about ten years. I had tried several medications which did cause side effects until my doctor prescribed Nadolol. I also walk regularly, which helps regulate blood pressure.[[br]]
My husband and mother both take Benicar, and it works very well for both of them.[[br]][[br]]Thery have experienced no side effects from taking it, and it lowers their blood pressure effectively.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will ask my doctor about these to see if I need something different. I do monitor my blood pressure levels daily to make sure it is not through the roof.

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