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starting to exercise for my HBP
Yoga and meditation is also very good for your heart health. According to me its the bets way to relax yourself. I do Jogging then after that Big toe pose, Seated forward bend, Camel pose and Knee squeeze its really working for me. Avoid Inverted poses.[[br]][[br]]
(10-20-2011, 10:42 PM)willowwisp Wrote: Here is a question for anyone out there who can remember. When you were first diagnosed with high blood pressure and decided to start exercising, did you get light headed from the exercise? I have exercised 3 times and after I am on the elliptical or treadmill for more than 5 minutes, I start to get the light headed feeling.[[br]][[br]]Is this because my blood pressure is too high? I have to find out if I will need a supervised exercise schedule.[[br]][[br]]
[[br]]You should discuss your exercise regimen with your doctor before starting it. This way you can pace yourself on the right track. Overdoing it may only cause more problems.
I have a bad habit of starting to exercise and within a short time I get burned out on it. I think that is due to over doing it like you did at fisrt. I just started walking to get fit, three miles a day. I started out with one half mile and have worked my way up to three miles. With the mp3 player it is a lot more fun![[br]]
I too just starting walking for fitness and have had dizzy spells during exertion. I have not been diagnosed with high blood preasure, but have wondered if that coud be the culprit. It seems that when I check my bp it is always within a normal range, could I still have high blood pressure?[[br]]
(07-03-2014, 07:16 PM)davbonpol Wrote: I too just starting walking for fitness and have had dizzy spells during exertion. I have not been diagnosed with high blood preasure, but have wondered if that coud be the culprit. It seems that when I check my bp it is always within a normal range, could I still have high blood pressure?[[br]]
High Blood Pressure really is a common problem in America nowadays. I firmly advice that you start your exercise with low intensity steadily until the BP is stable. After that you can increase the intensity bit by bit so your body can adjust. Also having a diet and eating the right food is advised.[[br]][[br]]
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