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Corneal transplant surgery - member70836  - 12-03-2016 04:19 AM

Hi all,

​My daughter who is 17 years old is diagnosed with keratoconus, she is also suffering from double vision. I heard that this problem is hereditary, however, none of them in our family has this issue. I wonder whether this will adversely affect her eyesight. She is also anxious about her vision. What will I do? Her ophthalmologist suggested her to get a corneal transplant surgery. Is it safe to get such surgery at this stage? I'm confused. While browsing, I read about a specific method called PRK for keratoconus ( http://www.clearviewinstitute.com/treatments/custom-prk/ ) . Does anybody here know about it? What is this procedure about?Which is better? PRK or corneal transplantation?

RE: Corneal transplant surgery - member80883  - 04-18-2017 03:52 AM

Your daughter's ophthalmologist is suggested a good advice to you and you quickly get her to corneal transplant surgery because I know that it is very better way for eye care. If you have any doubt and confusion so you can take advice from a eye specialist.