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When you or someone close is living with illness, trying to heal from surgery or coping with medications, talking to other people with similar experiences can help.

The Wellescent.com health community is here for helping people to easily connect and support each other.

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Interested in Male Infertility? Want to understand
Type 1 Diabetes?
Interested in Cataract? Interested in Acid Reflux?
Worried about Migraine? Interested in Type 2 Diabetes? Wondering about Insomnia? Interested in Lupus Erythematosus?
Seeking others affected by High Cholesterol? Learning about Presbycusis? Interested in Osteoarthritis? Concerned about Blindness?
Interested in Chronic Intractable Pain? Living with Pregnancy and Childbirth? Interested in Depressive Episodes? Someone Close has
Concerned about
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Interested in Stroke? Learning More About
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?
Interested in Ringworm?
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